Sandfly Passage

There are several sites in this area around Sandfly Island. At the south eastern entrance there is a wall drift with lots of fans with quite a few exceeding 3 metres in diameter. On the southern side, approaching the passage, is Robert's Point or Baracuda Point. Robert is the local Chief here - nice fellow and good for a yarn.

This part of the reef is just off his village and the water is almost always 'Gin' clear. There are Baracuda here and you will find them in the shallows (2-3 metres deep). The rest of the reef is a kaleidoscope of colour as there is good water movment over the reef. Inside Sandfly passage there is also the Tulagi Switzer - a small island about half way through the passage. For those who are “Nudiphiles” (lovers of Nudibranchs), this is the place for you. At most of the spots around Sandfly there is a current to aid you to drift along - be careful at the entrances though, as currents can run at several knots.

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