PBY Catalina

One evening in September 1943 this PBY Catalina was returning to the Tulagi area after recovering a downed airman, Lt Fred William Howard. On landing on Tulagi harbour just east of the point, the PBY came into contact with a small craft travelling between Tulagi and Gavutu Islands. The aircraft flipped over and started to sink. Fortunately, Lt Howard and the rest of the crew all escaped unharmed.

The aircraft righted itself when it sank and now sits upright on the bottom in 26 to 34 metres of water. The Catalina was fitted with radar and the antenna can still be seen under the wing and, as it was in the process of landing, the wing tip floats are in the dropped position. Being a recent discovery the site remains as it has been for the last 70 odd years aside from natural decay. Site is in a calm area and makes a great second dive after one of the deeper wrecks or a site for those wishing to see some WWII wreckage without needing to do a decompression dive.

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